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Updated: 5th May 2017 16:35

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Posted: 3:22 PM 5/5/2017
WN ACTION NEWS FIRST: University selectively puts Forest Lawn, Albert Park, in the Northeast, keeps adjancest inglewood in the Southeast.
In a recent CBC Article, the University of Calgary (Medicine School) boasts many things, maybe to increase funding. However they fail to understand our quadrant system in Calgary

The 'University' inaccurately published a Calgary Map putting the northern region of the Southeast quadrant into the Northeast quadrant. Communities such as Albert Park, (directly adjacent to Inglewood) Radisson Heights and Forest Lawn where all commingled into the Northeast. Fueling the stereotypes of where the so called "poor" areas of Calgary are.

The University of Calgary did not respond to our inquiry.

UPDATE 5/5/2017 3:39:04 PM: The CBC removed the inaccurate map from the news article. The University of Calgary, still has not responded to our inquiry.

Original entry on the CBC article before removal:

CBC Calgary Article
Radon gas at dangerous levels in 1 in 8 Calgary-area homes, study finds

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