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Updated: 14th May 2018 21:37

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Posted: 13th Feb 2018 12:53 Romanian-born Actress Makes Debut on Canadian Television Series

Born in Romania and adopted at a young age by former Calgary Sun Journalists Ian Robinson and Kathleen, Jill became an aesthetician, actress to publicist then publisher. She has appeared on such channels as Shaw TV, Global, CityTV, CTV, WestNet-HD, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Jill Maria Robinson is a late 20's Romanian Canadian actress and publicist who is known for her versatility and passion. She is recognized as Jill Maria in film but is identified by her brand name J.M.R. to the world. Jill plays many roles, she is a support system to people as a publicist, certified makeup artists and actress. So J.M.R. Is very fitting for what she does and stands for. Jill started acting later on in life, but always had a passion for the creative side. The Amazon Prime "Go Fish" star began her career in Calgary's film industry performing public relation duties for her clients in Canada.

Her acting career began when she was seen on the Canadian news with Zulie and walking on the red carpet of the Calgary International Film Festival. She has been a supporter of Go Fish for five consecutive years. Jill was inspired and discovered by Go Fish creator Zulie Alnahas who cast her as one of the leads in her first role ever! Jill was exactly what the show had envisioned for one of the characters. She also did the makeup artistry for eight out of the ten episodes shot.

In Aug. 2015, she walks the red carpet of the Calgary Film Festival, she also appeared in Destiny Productions' Another Little Romania Doc in 2017, being played on Romania TV currently. In the last two years Jill has been seen in multiple commercials and film projects, done publicity for other films & artists.

Jill now has her second edition of I'm Here With Magazine about to come out in Chapters nationally! Connect with her to be a part of the magazine and work with her!

"I found out really quickly how hard it is to be a part of a successful production. So while working as a publicist, I decided to put all my publicity clients into a professional magazine that could be viewed across Canada, which is in Chapters. My first inspiration to do this entertainment magazine was my close Go Fish (on Amazon Prime) cast, that I saw working hard on their own acting careers. I dedicate the magazine to my late film partner James Allan Stickel. That's really how I'm Here With got started." to Jill did what others weren't doing - seeking out new, undiscovered, and rising talent. Not only that, she has also been finding out what's new in the careers of established stars she actually meets.

In the digital age starting a print magazine is no easy feat, but for Jill she believes it is an important way to help grow the screen industry for Canada. In fact there are few magazines like it - dedicated to helping, uncovering, and discovering rising stars. "When I started the magazine I had zero experience, but like anything else in life I plunged forward, made my mistakes, and now I'm planning our third edition in Vancouver with Gunnar Xavier and the rest of her team.

With so many new opportunities with online acting roles becoming available, getting really talented people noticed is hard - the competition is really tough. Jill shares, "just don't give up even when others try to wreck your name, your spirit and belief in yourself. Myself and the I'm Here With team are always here for you!"

Bret Hart and Lesia Bear became friends with Jill during their interviews in July 2017. She met Bret with besties Neil Enock and Paul Fry at the Field of Dreams Charity event thanks to her friends Angie Shilliday and 0007 Events in May!

Jill's father, Ian Robinson was a prominent writer for the Calgary Sun for over 2 decades. Unfortunately he now has stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to many other parts of his body. Read his inspiring and educational post was published in the Globe and mail.

In Feburary 2018, Jill was featured on CTV 2 with Sean Liv
Jill Maria Robinson - Demo Reel - Talent Agent - Platinum Talent Management - 403-294-0094 / Los Angeles Talent Management - Branding Avatar 818-441-3776


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