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Updated: 13th December 2018 03:28

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Posted: 2:15 PM 12/12/2018

Jil Love Revolution Raising Awareness for Yemen

MY CONTRIBUTION TO YEMEN: Raising Awareness about The  Land of Bombs, Blood, and Famine:
While in the US we are getting ready for Thanksgiving, spending, eating and wasting ridiculous amounts of $ and food, a total of 5.2 million children now face famine Yemen. I cannot take it anymore, I simply can't!!.
Seeing the image of a tiny sac of bones, desperately crying with nothing to eat, makes me furious! Doesn't matter where the child is from, they are my children too. I cannot longer tolerate, avoid, deny or/and accept the slow and painful agony of the Children and people of Yemen. Someone I know witnessed this: "In one hospital I visited in north Yemen, the babies were too weak to cry, their bodies exhausted by hunger.
We, the United States of America, are responsible for this genocide and It's my job to make you fully aware of this Human Rights tragedy. On August 9th, 2018, the US supplied the bomb that killed 40 children on Yemen school bus. Eleven adults also died and 79 people were wounded. Saudi Arabia is the biggest single customer for both the US and UK arms industries. The US also supports the coalition with refueling and intelligence.
I'm rich compared to these brothers and sisters, and their children of Yemen. I'm giving my most precious and valuable possession I have in order to raise awareness for YEMEN, my own blood.

After sharing this video I made on November 20th,  a Saudi man offered $1000 to purchase this sign that is on auction with the goal to donate the funds to a nonprofit Human Rights organization. I made this video to draw attention to the Yemeni Human Rights Catastrophe going on right now, where millions of innocent men, women, and children are dying of a Saudi Arabia inflicted FAMINE. 
Please Watch, Like, Comment and share so many others can see the cruel reality of Yemen. The U.S. sold all the armament and weaponry to Saudi Arabia.

This is my humble contribution to my brothers and sisters in Yemen. 

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Jil Love Revolution

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