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Updated: 1st January 1970 03:00Asian Voices

Asian Voices

“As a child, I assumed my Koreanness just fell away like a snake shedding its skin. I thought, 'That must be what happens when you’re adopted.'”
Famous Chinese photographer Chen Man promised to "improve my ideologies."
Glenn Youngkin's victory showed that parents can be a winning coalition for Republicans. Next up: the midterms.
From rapid COVID test requirements to dinner inside with unvaccinated relatives, here's what our readers say they're doing for the holidays this year.

The two stars poked fun at their historic Hollywood firsts by sparking a competition over increasingly absurd representational wins.
The International Olympic Committee said the three-time Olympian, who accused a former Chinese government official of sexual assault, appeared in a video call.
Nearly 20% of AAPI people say they’ve experienced a racist incident in the past year, according to a new survey from the coalition Stop AAPI Hate.
Republican senators have refused to allow Syed to get a committee vote to be deputy administrator for the Small Business Administration.
A new poll found that 65% of adults don't support the Texas ban, and 60% want the Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade.
HuffPost spoke with Dr. Diana Greene Foster about the far-reaching implications of being denied abortion care, ahead of the upcoming Supreme Court case that threatens to overturn Roe v. Wade.
After being in Issa Rae's web series "Awkward Black Girl" and then her groundbreaking HBO show, Sujata Day directed, wrote, produced and stars in "Definition Please."
The far-right Arizona congressman, who was the keynote speaker at a white nationalist conference earlier this year, has not apologized for the video.
His recent series for Fox Nation, “Patriot Purge,” is setting the stage for something even worse than the attack on the Capitol.
Ji-Young is Korean American and has two passions: rocking out on her electric guitar and skateboarding.
Months after a hasty and chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan, some are still cold, worried and separated from family.
Judge Bruce Schroeder said he hoped "the Asian food" wasn't on one of the boats in Long Beach Harbor.
These WFH secrets range from big (a pandemic baby!) to small (working on the toilet).
Health care companies like Pfizer and Anthem donated to GOP lawmakers who are backing H.B. 480, which aims to ban abortion at any stage in pregnancy.
The gold medalist said the attackers yelled racial slurs and insisted the group “go back to where they came from.”

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