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Updated: 1st January 1970 03:00Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Donald Trump tried to overthrow the Constitution, but now wants to use the Constitution’s “executive privilege” concept to protect himself.
President Joe Biden says he feels "very positive" about reaching a deal on his big domestic policy bill.
“I’m you from eight years ago, man, the ghost of Biden past. ... Where I’m from, we’re still VP. Easiest gig in the world," Sudeikis told the current Biden, James Austin Johnson.
“I am confident, frankly ― not only optimistic, but I am confident that we will reach a deal," Vice President Kamala Harris said.

Senate Democrats are calling for a return to original principles as the push to change the filibuster approaches its climax.
But he acknowledged Democrats likely don’t have the votes to scrap the supermajority requirement.
The president said free community college is out and that a plan for paid leave is shrinking.
“When you have 50 Democrats, every one is the president," the president said of his party's narrow majority in the Senate in a town hall.
The president also called out Donald Trump for appealing to racist followers with hateful rhetoric and speeches meant to rile up his base.
If Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin get their way, lots of people will lose.

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