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Updated: 1st January 1970 03:00Food & Drink

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When it comes to appetizers, sides and desserts, there are plenty of times when "store-bought is fine."
It turns out that one of the most controversial Thanksgiving sides is also one of the most beloved.
Recipe developers share the best ways to use each type of kitchen paper (and when not to use them).
Delicious plant-based mains, sides, soups and desserts.
Tasty treats, a hygge-inspired s'mores maker, thoughtful tokens and other items that show your appreciation.
Spoiler alert: Even pros don't cook the whole meal from scratch.
Move over, pumpkin spice lattes. It's squash season!
There are reasons you may not want to serve a turkey at your feast. Experts offer ways to create a new holiday tradition
Oaxacan food activist Neftalí Durán thinks the food system as it stands is bound for a reckoning.
We don’t need to dial it back like 2020, but experts say we need to "pull it back one step" to keep things safe in 2021.
Now is the time to steal from the kids' stash.
It’s common for guests to bring dessert to holiday gatherings, but what if you can’t?
In case you're curious how much is too much, there's a formula you can use.
Beware of health halos and remember that Halloween only comes around once a year.
Your stash of treats often says more about you than the trick-or-treaters you're feeding.
Drinks with classic fall flavors and creepy colors from the best bars and restaurants around the world.
Counter storage, mug hooks and more to create a highly organized, Pinterest-worthy coffee and tea station.
These make it easier to bake cupcakes, brownies, biscuits and more.
Here’s a thought: Because they aren’t that good, Twizzlers are the very best treat out there. Let us explain.
Most of the money will go directly to nearly 4,500 delivery workers.

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