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Updated: 15th January 2020 16:47HuffPost - Breaking News, U.S. and World News | HuffPost


What Donald Trump's unending stream of lies has done to our White House, our country and us.
The league pioneered a key diversity hiring tactic called the Rooney Rule, but that hasn’t changed how team owners hire.
The Trump administration wants to trim the disability rolls, possibly repeating a disastrous Reagan-era move.
The U.S. pays hundreds of billions a year in direct and indirect costs for a broken system, a new report finds.

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Phrases included “self-loathing race traitor”, “trailer trash” and “meghan the queen, of monkey island”.
But John Cornyn said it's ultimately the governor's call whether to allow the resettlement of refugees in Texas.
“We are experiencing the impacts of global warming unfolding literally in real time," one climate expert said.
“I think it’s a huge mistake," Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said of possible restrictions on the media.
World News
The resignations came hours after the president proposed new constitutional amendments to boost parliament's powers.
Weird News
Somehow, urine is penetrating and corroding the drive wheels and mechanisms of the escalators at underground stations.
Behind the scenes, a debate is raging between moderates and hard-liners about whether to call witnesses in the trial.
The actor was forced to endure Six Flags' Twisted Colossus ride for her upcoming movie.
The remarks made before a group of high schoolers were slammed as sexist and belittling "from a place of power.”
"Time has been our friend in all of this because it has yielded incriminating evidence," the House speaker said.
Trump bragged of killing that "son of a bitch" during a campaign rally.
The White House also opposes the calling of any new witnesses.

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